Alberta Native Friendship Centres (Edmonton)

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Code of Ethics

In order for a Friendship Centre to be a member in good standing with the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association, an individual Friendship Centre shall subscribe and be accountable to the following principles:


  • A member of the Association shall be a community directed organization whose aims and objectives are consistent with the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association’s goals and objectives and the National Association of Friendship Centres’ standards.


  • As a member of the Association, the Friendship Centre must first and foremost show respect and honour all Aboriginal customs and beliefs. The Friendship Centre must act and speak with the pride and dignity that Aboriginal heritage demands.


  • The Friendship Centre must be committed to information-sharing, referrals, recreation and social activities, cultural reinforcement, community development and similar activities which ensure that Aboriginal people will be afforded a better quality of life through Aboriginal self-determination.


  • The Friendship Centre must honour the belief of supporting unity amongst all Aboriginal people, regardless of legal definitions of Métis, First Nations or Inuit. In supporting this belief, Friendship Centres are expected to meet the needs of the community they serve.


  • As an Association member, the Friendship Centre will at all times conduct itself in a manner that brings respect, integrity, credibility and tolerance to the Association and other Friendship Centres or other Aboriginal groups, even though they may disagree.


  • The Friendship Centre will bring grievances, comments or complaints relating to the Association to the attention of the Board (similarly, the Association will bring any grievance, comment or complaint that the Association may have with respect to a particular Member Centre to the attention of the Board of that Member Centre).


  • As an Association member, the Friendship Centre will endeavour to work cooperatively with other Friendship Centres to solve problems and support mutual concerns.


  • The Friendship Centre will endeavour to work in a cooperative manner with other groups and organizations, be they Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal, in order to develop a humane society of equal opportunity for all peoples and respect for all living things.