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Elders’ Wisdom Circle

Established in 2000, the Elders’ Wisdom Circle provides an opportunity for Indigenous Elders from each member Friendship Centre to join together to support the ongoing efforts of the Friendship Centre Movement in Alberta. The Elders’ Wisdom Circle plays an important cultural role in our urban landscape’ their common voice helps bring clarity to difficult situations and their traditional knowledge and wisdom benefits youth, staff and board discussions alike.  The Elders’’ Wisdom Circle provides support on issues as they relate to culture, programming and organizational direction. The EWC increases opportunities for Elders to engage and interact with youth, to access training and educational opportunities as they relate to current and emerging issues, and to honour and infuse the ongoing value of traditional culture in daily life.

Youth and Elders Gathering

The Youth and Elders’ Gathering (YEG) is an annual four-day event which brings together youth and Elders from Friendship Centres throughout Alberta to learn from traditional teachings, discover ways to incorporate teaching into today’s world, to gain awareness about critical community issues, share stories, and have fun. The connection formed between youth and Elders through this event enriches lives and contributes to the development of cultural pride, self-esteem, and the preservation of Indigenous cultures.

The ANFCA is an active partner in addressing issues related to health, housing and homelessness, education, employment and skills development, justice, violence prevention, overall child and family wellness, Truth and Reconciliation and United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

In support of local community-based Friendship Centres, the ANFCA is committed to preserving Indigenous cultures and developing awareness and understanding of the diversity between cultures. Working with local Friendship Centres, the ANFCA creates programs and services and undertakes research and consultation, to highlight systemic barriers to urban Indigenous people’s success and to create ultimate removal of such barriers.